Veg It.


Amazing food from the world straight to your office.

Vegetarian meals prepared daily with love and fresh ingredients. 

 Menú from 6,50€.

 Free delivery, Eco-friendly packaging .


What’s in your lunchbox?




Fresh, healthy and appetising. These dishes made with vegetables, fruits and cereals will get your appetite started and nourish your body.




Burgers, paella, lasagna, falafel, curry, tacos… to name a few! Every day you will travel the world directly from your office!


3. Dessert

The real pleasures in life… and if they are healthy, even more so! Discover our raw vegan desserts and the animal free versions of the traditional pastry classics.


How does it work?


Choose your Meal

You’ll always find at least one vegan option for every dish.

Starter + Main + Dessert = 8.50€

Main + Dessert = 7.50€

Main only = 6.50€



Place your Order

Order your menu by 10.30 am of the same day. 

We’ll prepare your meal and deliver from 12:45pm-2:00pm.


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About us 

Hi, welcome to VEG IT!

We are Fabio and Laurie, two young and passionate cooks who have decided to bet on a richer, sustainable and above all, more tasty food service.

We have created Veg It to promote vegetarian food not only as a healthier and more ethical diet, but also as a real style of cooking.

We believe in order to achieve taste and texture, vegan and vegetarian dishes require a higher degree of preparation and difficulty compared to meat and fish. For this reason, we want people to stop stigmatizing vegetarian food as “boring” or “bland”, and to value it as an innovative, sustainable and, most importantly, delicious type of cooking.

Why lunchboxes?

Because it is an easy way to enjoy a complete, rich and eco-friendly menu at a competitive price.

Because many of us have stopped eating meat and fish to live better while many more omnivores are encouraging themselves to eat vegetarian at least during the week.

Why catering?

Because we are specialized in this type of cuisine. There are many caterers who can provide vegetarian food, but it often appears as something they have to do rather than want to do. We want to bring our knowledge and passion for vegetarian cooking to your corporate event and make it unforgettable.



At last, an in-company Catering service solely dedicated to vegetarian food.

What they say about us…

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